Achieve Optimum Health.

When our life force is in balance and flowing, this naturally supports wellness; the complete healthy function of our experience of life.  This holistic approach addresses the whole person (physical, emotional, mental) allowing the natural healing systems to function effectively. Choose to thrive rather than just survive.

What can
Neuro-Training do for you?

Neuro-Training reconnects your body’s innate ability to recuperate, and supports the access to your personal resources, intelligences, and strengths.  Those who have already experienced a Neuro-Training session have reported the following benefits:


  • Improving sleep patterns (this can have impacts on cognitive ability, digestive system and immunity)
  • Improve the ability to manage stress, depression, or anxiety
  • Provide mental clarity and focus on goals
  • Improving digestive, nutritional and allergy reactions
  • Replacing unwanted life patterns, habits and sub-conscious beliefs
  • Increased vitality and energy levels
  • Creating and maintaining gut health/microbiome, including allergies, intolerances, heavy metals, toxins, parasites and balanced bacteria
  • Improved immunity
  • Hormonal balance management (from menarche to menopause)

Meet Bronwyn

I have had a keen interest in natural therapies since I was a small child, fossicking in my childhood country garden for herbs to create concoctions.  This continued through my life as a hobby herbalist where I chose natural options wherever possible as a preference for treating any health issues.

The concept that emotional, mental, and physical qualities are all linked, and these connections impact our overall health made total sense to me from a young age.  Therefore, I understood that to gain optimal health I needed to address all aspects of self.


Get In Touch

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I have made a conscious decision to not engage with social media platforms to promote or advertise my business. I believe these platforms can be contributors to the increasing health issues we experience and I do not wish to add to the ‘noise’ and online content. I do not want to encourage the negative behaviours that I advise against in my practice.

I would rather you be present, be immersed in nature, socialise in person with family and friends, and witness the beauty we have around us.

If you benefit from my practice, please feel free to refer your friends and family to share in the empowering processes.