Services Provided

Well-Being Sessions

I am available for in-person and remote sessions. Both options are equally effective for the client.

Well-Being Consultations   $130  (60 mins)


The number of sessions required will depend on your individual requirements, your health goals and how committed you are to your outcomes. Neuro-Training is an empowering process that requires you to be fully committed to your health, by practicing self-responsibility, accountability, and honesty.

If you are currently experiencing financial difficulty, please contact me to discuss options.


Get In Touch

If you have a question or wish to request another session time not shown please contact me via this form



0427 280 012


I have made a conscious decision to not engage with social media platforms to promote or advertise my business. I believe these platforms can be contributors to the increasing health issues we experience and I do not wish to add to the ‘noise’ and online content. I do not want to encourage the negative behaviours that I advise against in my practice.

I would rather you be present, be immersed in nature, socialise in person with family and friends, and witness the beauty we have around us.

If you benefit from my practice, please feel free to refer your friends and family to share in the empowering processes.