What happens during the session?

In all sessions you will remain fully clothed while I assess your muscle responses by applying a small amount of pressure to your arms and/or legs.   The muscle feedback (from your nervous system and subconscious) informs what is happening for you and we can identify what is required to assist with your recuperation.

How do I need to prepare for a session?

First Session

Fill out the detailed client history form (and return before we meet) which I will email to you once your first appointment has been set. This will ask you to include a list of all your current challenges, any supplements and medications you are currently taking, and complete the medical history and family history (if known).  This information will help me gain an understanding of your life path so far.

First and Ongoing sessions

Arrive to the session with plenty of time so you are not rushing.

Ensure you have not consumed any alcohol or drugs before the session

Bring any supplements or medication with you

If possible, consider the challenges you wish to address or what you would like to gain from the sessions

Can Neuro-Training help when I “just don’t feel right”?

‘you don’t have to be sick to get better’ -Michael Josephson

It is not unusual to have a client attend to help get direction in their life.  They are ‘feeling stuck or lost’, unsure of their life direction, want assistance with their life goals or need clarity on their emotions or feelings of overwhelm.  This is not surprising given the world we currently live in, where there is an almost 24/7 bombardment of stimulation.  We no longer have the space to sit and be with ourselves.

Neuro-Training sessions can provide the space that allows your body the chance to take a breath and permit things to float to the surface to be addressed.

What can I expect after the session?

Post Session Care

Throughout our lives we encounter stresses, traumas, injuries, emotional experiences, and unresolved grief.  If we do not resolve these experiences, they may become a blockage in our body.  These blockages may inhibit our ability to be healthy, often diverting our energy into coping with these challenges rather than thriving in our lives.  

As we unravel the stresses during a kinesiology session, we can experience some symptoms that lead us to believe we are getting worse.  This can mean that as we travel along the path to recuperation a ‘recuperation crisis’ may occur.  As we resolve health issues and clear any blockages, the energy we have been using to cope with ‘the now resolved issue’ is freed up, allowing for our brain to continue the recuperation process by  finding additional areas to heal.

This can be experienced through old emotions re-surfacing, pains recurring or symptoms appearing to get worse.  If you feel you are experiencing a recuperation crisis, try and become aware of what you are feeling and rather than suppress the emotions, pain or symptoms, lean into the process and look for any unresolved patterns, misperceptions, or suppressed emotions to bring clarity and calm to your thinking.

It is also possible to have a physical recuperation crisis, especially when you are eliminating toxins.

When using Neuro Training and kinesiology we can reduce the discomfort produced while a person is going through a recuperation crisis, however sometimes it is more appropriate to not do anything as the person’s body is using its innate healing ability to return the body to balance.

If you are unsure about your post-session experiences, please contact me for a follow up discussion.


What to do after a session:

We can do some deep work during our sessions together, whether it be physically, emotionally, or mentally.  Therefore, take time to allow your body to integrate the work we have done by doing the following (if possible):

  • Drink plenty of fresh water or herbal teas (avoid alcohol or caffeine if possible for a couple of hours)
  • Take time to breathe
  • Take a walk in the park or in nature
  • Take some time to write down anything you experienced during the session or after, which may assist in the recuperation process
  • Allow yourself to experience any emotions that surface and honour them
  • Try not to schedule anything for an hour or so after the session to give yourself time to integrate the work completed


If you feel you need support – please contact me.

Get In Touch

If you have a question or wish to request another session time not shown please contact me via this form



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I have made a conscious decision to not engage with social media platforms to promote or advertise my business. I believe these platforms can be contributors to the increasing health issues we experience and I do not wish to add to the ‘noise’ and online content. I do not want to encourage the negative behaviours that I advise against in my practice.

I would rather you be present, be immersed in nature, socialise in person with family and friends, and witness the beauty we have around us.

If you benefit from my practice, please feel free to refer your friends and family to share in the empowering processes.