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Neuro-Training is a method to retrain the nervous system to assist us to adapt to life’s challenges, recuperate and integrate the newfound solutions, via the most effective use of our available resources and innate abilities.   The symptoms we experience are an indicator there is a challenge we are unable to adapt to, whether that is emotional, physical, or mental.  The process is to balance the whole person to recuperate from these challenges and, is an individual process, unique for every person.
Neuro-Training has been growing in Australia and internationally for over 20 years and expands on concepts from Applied Kinesiology, Touch for Health, and emerging neuroscience research, to name but a few.

Kinesiology is the tool used to assist with the Neuro-Training process, using muscle checking via a bio-feedback process.  It is a collaborative process between client and practitioner to retraining our body around the capacity to reclaim optimum health.

Neuro-Training combines both Eastern and Western medicine philosophy, including the latest understanding in neuro-science through to traditional Chinese medicine techniques, to establish solutions to re-train the nervous systems to adapt to life’s stresses and create more options to return your body to balance.  As we have all built our life patterns individually, we need to understand exactly what each person requires to reclaim and return to their optimum balance.  Neuro-Training allows us to provide a custom plan specific to the needs of the client.



We are all born with the innate ability to heal ourselves.  During our lives we experience a multitude of events, from our childhood and into our adult lives, some of which may challenge us;

  • our values or perceptions of life,
  • emotions not fully expressed or understood,
  • toxins (in our air, water, foods) can impact the functioning of our bodies and brains,
  • other life events can impact the balance we are always trying to maintain.

These stresses, traumas, injuries, unresolved grief and emotional problems can limit our ability to be healthy, and they use up our energy while we are trying to cope with them.

Using Neuro-Training techniques we are able to take advantage of the knowledge held in our genetics and use this potential to integrate better options to live our life.  The journey back to optimum health is an individual process and through Neuro-Training we empower you by providing tools to replacing old patterns with new solutions which allows you to respond to life in new and more appropriate ways.

Neuro-Training is a solution-oriented modality, rather than problem or symptom focused, we access the causal patterns allowing us to gain a direct path to the root cause rather than dealing with symptoms.  Symptoms let us know there is an imbalance that needs to be addressed.  We find what options are available to you to allow you to adapt to the challenges that life provides us.

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I have made a conscious decision to not engage with social media platforms to promote or advertise my business. I believe these platforms can be contributors to the increasing health issues we experience and I do not wish to add to the ‘noise’ and online content. I do not want to encourage the negative behaviours that I advise against in my practice.

I would rather you be present, be immersed in nature, socialise in person with family and friends, and witness the beauty we have around us.

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