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Bronwyn Baird – Neuro-Trainer

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I have had a keen interest in natural therapies since I was a small child, fossicking in my childhood country garden for herbs to create concoctions.  This continued through my life as a hobby herbalist where I chose natural options wherever possible as a preference for treating any health issues.

The concept that emotional, mental, and physical qualities are all linked, and these connections impact our overall health made total sense to me from a young age.  Therefore, I understood that to gain optimal health I needed to address all aspects of self.

After university, I embarked on a career in corporate business, believing I was able to balance the stressors which came with this path through mindfulness and natural therapies.  I juggled my own corporate consulting business, with family responsibilities and daily life responsibilities, often putting my own health needs before others.  Before long I was struggling with symptoms which I now realise were a clear message that I was burnt out.  My ability to ‘bounce back’ was gone and there was a clear need to stop what I was doing and listen to my body.  It was necessary to schedule some time for myself and my health.

I started exploring kinesiology during my health journey and discovered Neuro-training using kinesiology and the bio-feedback mechanisms.  I immediately wanted to learn more about this and understand fully the direct access we have available to us, directly to the causal factors of our imbalances.   I commenced a 4-year journey to complete a double Diploma in Neuro-Training and Kinesiology.  I now understand that the commitment to health and wellbeing is a life-long journey with many new areas to explore, research and further understand – all bringing more depth to my practice.  I am always mindful that I need to maintain a healthy life balance, once you have experienced a debilitating burnout it makes it easier to understand the importance of how you spend your time.

I started this new journey, wanting to initially understand my own health but now realising it is about continual improvement, both for my practice, my health and creating better life options for myself and my clients.


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I have made a conscious decision to not engage with social media platforms to promote or advertise my business. I believe these platforms can be contributors to the increasing health issues we experience and I do not wish to add to the ‘noise’ and online content. I do not want to encourage the negative behaviours that I advise against in my practice.

I would rather you be present, be immersed in nature, socialise in person with family and friends, and witness the beauty we have around us.

If you benefit from my practice, please feel free to refer your friends and family to share in the empowering processes.