Balancing Lifestyle Factors

One thing I have learnt along my healing journey is that lifestyle choices and balance plays a huge part in the process. Often when I found myself ‘falling out of balance’ it was usually linked to a lifestyle factor that I could easily identify. I have also seen this when working with clients and so I believe that having healthy boundaries can provide a strong foundation to your healing journey.

I recently completed the Journey of Intrinsic Health led by @zachbushmd, which was a life changing and eye-opening experience! This course allowed me to dive deep into my internal wisdom, access my inner healer, and create more meaning and purpose throughout my life and work. Integrating these 8 foundational topics into my life has supported me further in my ability to be intrinsically aware of my body and reawakened my inner healing capacity. Zach Bush MD has, through working in his Clinic and rigorous testing in his research lab, identified these 8 modules of a healthy, balanced lifestyle support our healing journey:
BE: the “I am” state that reflects who you came here to be. Finding your intrinsic wisdom and the miraculous nature that is actually the truth of who you are.

  • FLOW: the effects of water throughout your systems and what true hydration looks like, being aware that the water in our cells attunes to that resonance and translates it through the cells to the rest of the body.
  • FUEL: the metabolic power of nutrition beyond the fad diets and labels, our focus is to make sure our food is as close to regenerative and organic as possible for the sake of our microbiome health and the health of our soils.
  • CONNECT: coming into true community and healthy connection. When we isolate, we lose perspective on who we are and why we are here. When we connect to the world around us, we can access our purpose and see the beauty that makes our lives possible.
  • PLAY: beyond competition and into creative possibility and fun, we must embrace returning to play as a spiritual and creative practice. See how Nature plays and learn how to engage everyday life with less constriction and more joy.
  • BREATH: how we accelerate our biology and awareness with respiration, using grounding breath as an effective practice to decrease inflammation, increase hydration and recover from exercise and stress.
  • MOVEMENT: turning on our regenerative capacity of cellular communication and remembering movement is essential to all aspects of your being. There is no one size fits all solution to exercise and fitness, find what works for your body.
  • REST: rest for all aspects of who we are with body, mind and spirit. True rest includes healthy sleep, and it goes so far beyond that, with so much toxicity in our world, it’s important to create space for the immune and digestive systems to rest as well.

One of the key take-aways I identified whilst completing these 8 modules is that the Vagus nerve has a connection to all the modules. The Vagus nerve travels throughout many of our organ systems and regulates functions like breathing, heart rate, digestion and metabolic rate. Likewise, none of the 8 modules exist without some sort of regulatory touch from the Vagus nerve. How wonderful that we can tap into the parasympathetic nervous system with all our lifestyle choices to shift our bodies out of the sympathetic nervous system responses. Now, more than ever the function of the Vagus nerve, to activate the parasympathetic nervous system our ‘rest and digest’ time, is needed in our increasingly fast-paced world. I see so many people ‘stuck’ in fight, flight, freeze which affects so many of our bodily systems, brain functioning and stress responses.

I have found that the 8 points compliment so much of the work I do as a neuro-kinesiologist as well. Being able to provide my clients with supports in attaining their lifestyle balance and challenges to obtaining these, alongside the support that may be required after a session. Both tools are empowering us to tap into our innate ability to heal ourselves and listen to the wisdom that our body is providing.

After 8 weeks of exploration into each of these topics alongside our coach, the transformations I have seen within myself have been truly mind-blowing. Our coaching group formed a close supportive community, holding space for us and witnessing each other as we completed water fasting, breathwork and hydration protocols, amongst other activities. We still meet weekly to share our experiences, integrating the learnings and new findings as we journey.

The Journey of Intrinsic Health is a transformational experience that has altered the way I think about health. This inspiring course allowed me the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to explore the protocols and philosophies of someone I deeply admire @ZachBushMD, while opening my eyes up to new ways of thinking, living, and being. The journey doesn’t stop after 8 weeks either, being part of the online community, we are on a continual learning and sharing journey with access to innovative research by leading scientists and Doctors.
I feel so blessed to be apart of this growing community and love sharing these learnings with my friends, family and clients, as they become pertinent. How wonderful that through accessing these 8 modules we all have the ability to be empowered to manage our own health and tap into our intrinsic wisdom.

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