Time to focus on Immune Health

We are in the middle of a global health crisis. More people than ever are unwell, and with our medical institutions struggling to manage the changing situation it has become more important than ever to take responsibility for our own health through lifestyle changes and seek out the assistance of alternative health practitioners.

With so much conflicting information available to us via the world wide web it is easy to become overwhelmed and paralysed around where to start the journey.  It may be confusing, even frustrating, to know the most effective steps to take to truly achieve the changes you want.

The current threat seems to be targeting our immune system and there has been a lot of recommendations on how to strengthen it, however the immune system is closely intertwined with many other systems of the body, particularly gut-brain health, our hormones, and our mental health.  So how do we know where to start with to get the best recovery time and support the body as a whole?

Our lines of defences for our immune system consists of:

  • our innate immune system – a general detect and destroy process through skin, mucous membranes and immune cells
  • our adaptive immune system takes over if the innate immune system is not able to adapt and integrate the unknown bodies, and has a more targeted approach via lymphocytes and antibodies

What are the factors that we need to consider when looking to support our immune system?

  • Our digestive system and specifically gut health, first and foremost needs to be considered, as we now know that about 70% of the immune system is located in the gastrointestinal tract, and so this may indicate that a healthy gut will also give us a solid foundation to a strong immune system;
    • Factors to consider when assessing our gut health include diet, weight, alcohol consumption and strong boundaries within the gut-brain connection.

Additional factors include allergies, heavy metals, toxins via air, water, and food, reducing nutrients from our food and so much more.  Given the gut health is also connected to the immune system it is important to ensure we have healthy boundaries in place to protect us.

  • Nervous system and our mental health – the world wide web has been flooded with scientific articles and peer review studies that clearly shows the connection between gut-brain disconnection and mental health disorders. Once we lose the tight junction boundaries within our gut this opens the door to leaky gut and leaky brain.
    • Often the first step is to tighten the boundaries within the gut to ensure it is no longer compromised.
    • Other factors include ensuring we are reducing the fight/fright/freeze of our sympathetic nervous system and activating the parasympathetic nervous system via stress management; for example, by practicing mindfulness, exercising outside in nature with fresh air, sunshine and breathing techniques.
  • Endocrine system and hormonal health – hormones are the regulators of many of the bodies functions and therefore an imbalance of hormones can cause weight gain, mood swings, sleep disturbances (amongst other symptoms) and therefore compromise a weakened immune system.

Other factors to consider include:

  • Disturbances in sleep – when not getting good quality sleep, for whatever reason, this will increase your likelihood of getting sick if you are exposed, as well as the recovery time once you get sick. Getting an appropriate amount of sleep protects against a wide spectrum of diseases and has the potential to prolong your life.
  • Impact of toxins – exposure to toxins through air, water, foods (including what we put on and, in our body) will put additional stress on the immune system causing harm
  • Exercise – or physical movement assists in flushing the organs of pathogens that assists the immune system to fight disease.

No matter how hard we try to reach and maintain the utopian balance in relation to our health it can seem like a constant juggling act to achieve.  We all have the ability to tap into our intrinsic healing ability, to know what our body needs, however we often need to clear the ‘noise’ we have created in our world and step into a silence that allows the answers to come to us.

How do we know what our body needs when there are so many recommendations, super foods, and miracle supplements.  During a neuro-kinesiology session we assist you to remove the ‘noise’ and find the silence you need to listen to your body’s needs.

Kinesiology (the processes of using muscle responses to identify challenges) can assist in identifying what support the body needs, can identify any deficiencies or excesses, aggravations or contra-indications to ensure the safety of your supports, and where possible accessing these supplements is done via nutrition rather than supplementation.

“Let food be thy medicine and let thy medicine be food”  Hippocrates

When using Neuro-kinesiology as an alternative health modality it identifies the root cause of any challenges and works specifically with the body to identify a customised treatment plan, based on what the body needs each session.

The attraction of Neuro Kinesiology is that it takes the guess work out of any client sessions.  The challenges are identified, and the recuperation process begins, always ensuring that the client is an active participant and empowering the client to learn to read the messages from their body.

If you are ready to take control of your health and healing journey, please contact Bronwyn @ https://bbneurokinesiology.com.au/contact/

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