Coming Back home to Oneness

“In the wilds, we experience the profound interconnectedness of all things. We discover that everything is alive and has agency, everything is an ally, and everything is infused with spirit. We come to know, in the marrow of our bones, that we are woven into the sacred web of life, and that all life is our kin.”  Bill Plotkin Soulcraft’’

I recently joined a Soulcraft nature immersion with a small group of individuals where I had many profound and enlightening moments.  During this time I was gifted the following spoken word which I wish to share with you.

I wake at dawn, with the whispers of my dream companions

There is a noticeable absence of fear,

my fear or the collective fear – who knows.

I stretch my body and move with the new sensation.

My thoughts swim within space and time, dreams merging,

Urging to let go.

I join the others seated around the heart fire,

we take a collective sigh,

and feel into a new sensation.

Fear has not left us, instead is seated next to us,

content that their voice has been heard.

we sit in silence, listening,

aware of the wholeness we are becoming.

Others hear the call and join us, a collective pull to feel whole and centred.

No-one gets left behind.

We breath in as one, a breath that encompasses everyone,

every being, every part of self

No-one gets left behind.

another collective breath in,

a pause, and a deep sigh out

So much spoken and expressed in that breath,

and yet we do not have the language,

or even the words to express the deep knowingness we all feel.

As we breath in again we hear a calling from the others to join them,

we become aware of our deep longing for wholeness.

No-one gets left behind.

We walk outside and hear the swishing of the creek on the rocks,

a deep beat from the depths of the Earth.

The birds join in, the trees, the fungi, and flowers,

butterflies, dragonflies and grasses all dancing along,

connecting as they are touched by the rising Sun.

A kangaroo joins in with her tail beat on the Earth,

the air feels magical, and dense with possibility,

another collective breath to gather us closer.

No-one gets left behind.

A star sparkles and disappears as it is touched by the Sunlight.

The Moon and Sun reach out across the Earth to embrace,

the sky opens to show the galaxies and beyond.

No-one gets left behind.

The calling from deep in my past,

this life, past lives, maybe even generations.

The wounded children left abandoned along the way.

Shame, anger, fear, guilt only the tips.

I now have an urgency to find them, and gather them into my heart,

a strong calling to rescue these discarded parts.

My personal offering to bring to this wholeness.

No-one gets left behind.

I no longer feel as an outside observer.

Definitions of perfection shattered.

Like a broken pot reborn, lovingly pieced together with liquid gold,

I sense a comforting embrace.

The wholeness of self, nature, and spirit

No-one gets left behind.

Swallow – Wind Weaver

 © Bronwyn – Neuro-Kinesiology

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